It is needless to mention that iPhone are highly sophisticated devices with plethora of features. Despite the smooth performance, iPhone users occasionally experience some potential errors. But before we do that, there are three tips to consider. Instead, use a little amount of water with a microfiber cloth and wipe the screen.

Make sure you use gentle strokes. Creating a backup of your device is very important before you proceed to an advance fix. Otherwise, you might encounter with a data loss. You can use either iCloud or iTunes to do this. If you need to fix the above issue without causing any data loss, you should use a professional software. In this case, our recommendation is iMyFone Fixppo. With the Standard Mode, you will not experience any data loss. Step 1. Open Fixppo and click on Standard Mode. Your device will be detected by Fixppo.

Step 2. After confirming the information of your device and firmware, the program will automatically start to download the firmware. After downloading the firmware, the program will verify it. Step 3. Make sure that the device is connected to the computer through the process. At the completion, the device will restart.

Phone has mind of its own (possible faulty digitizer)

Now, you can start setting up the device. This success rate of advanced mode is higher than that of standard mode. You can try the options mentioned above and get your device back in normal status. Brandon Eldred, an expert with more than 4-year experience on writing tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, has a constant passion for recovering, transferring iOS data and solving tough issues for Apple users.

In fact, some of these errors are quite simple but they can be exceptionally annoying. What if your iPhone doing things on its own?

For instance, what if your iPhone typing by itself? Do you know what it is and how to fix it? Product-related questions? View all the comments and join the discussion.Features and Specs include a 4. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! Unfortunately after resetting the phone it is still acting up. It gets to the point where I cant use it and then it will work fine and a few minutes it goes crazy again. Any other suggestions or should I go to the Sprint store and have one of their techs take a look?

PyroSporker Android Expert. After it started freaking out again, was that before or after your linked your g-mail account? Once in that menu look for the Line Drawing Test. See if you can draw a continuous straight line DeeJayCrash determined his digitizer was faulty by using this method. EarlyMon likes this. I would simply take it in for sprint to diagnose.

Silentblack Newbie. I had this same problem with my phone. I would sit at the lock screen and watch the ball bounce as if someone was tapping the screen. I thought if was kinda funny till it started selecting things phone, setting etc. It came to the point I couldn't even use my phone. I did every thing you guys said here, the only thing that fixed it was taking it back.

My two cents, take it back it is a hardware problem. I just did another factory reset because I did link my gmail account the fist time but still didn't work. I did the line drawing test and it was drawing lines on its own and could barely get through the set up after the reset because it was clicking back and forth.

Ill take it into Sprint tomorrow and Ill give an update. Thanks for the help. I went to the Sprint store and had their techs take a look at it. The woman that worked on it thought maybe water had gotten into the phone but didn't find any. She said she had no clue what was wrong and simply exchanged it. I was hoping they could diagnose the issue so I could post it on here but that was a no go.

iphone screen doing things on its own

Sorry I don't have a better update but at least I have a phone that works. PyroSporker likes this.

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Hey fellas. I've been having the same problem with my phone. Question for you? Are any of you rooted or temp rooted? I started experiencing the problem after I temp rooted.

I perm rooted a few days back and the problem went away for a couple days and then resurfaced yesterday. I returned the phone back to factory settings and flipped back to S-On and the problem is gone again.

I'm wondering if this has something to do with root or if our phones are just faulty.Perhaps the most bizarre problem you can encounter on an iPad is the device typing or randomly launching apps without any input from you. This phenomenon is often referred to as ghost typing, or false touch.

But don't worry, your iPad is probably not possessed by a poltergeist and the problem is easily exorcised with a few quick troubleshooting steps in most cases.

iphone screen doing things on its own

The first thing many people think when their iPad begins typing on its own or interacting with an app by itself is that someone has somehow taken control of the device. It's extremely rare for something like that to happen, especially if the iPad isn't jailbroken. Apple checks all apps submitted to the App Store for malwareand while it is possible for one to slip past, it's rare. The first step in troubleshooting almost any problem is to reboot the device. This works with anything suffering from ghost typing.

But, once it's powered down, don't immediately boot it back up. Instead, take this opportunity to clean the screen. It's possible there's something on it that's triggering the iPad's touch sensors.

The display is designed to ignore certain touches it detects aren't human, which is why your nails don't register, but its possible something that does register is on the display. Rub a cloth gently over the entire display using left-to-right and right-to-left motions, starting at the top of the display and working to the bottom of the screen.

It's best to use the same type of microfiber cloth that you would use to clean glasses, but any lint-free cloth will do just fine. Dampen the cloth, but don't make it "wet. A slightly damp, nonabrasive cloth is all you need.

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For most people, simply rebooting the iPad and cleaning the screen will do the trick. But, if you're one of the unlucky few still experiencing ghost touch after a reboot, you can try restoring the iPad to factory default settings. This isn't quite as scary as it sounds, but it does mean you will need to wipe all of the data and apps from the iPad.

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Before you do that, however, you should back up your iPad to ensure you can restore all of your data. If your iPad is set up to automatically backup data, it will do so when the device is connected to power, locked, and on Wi-Fi.

But, if it's been a while since you've plugged it in, you can perform a manual backup. The process will start automatically as long as you're connected to the internet.

Once your data is backed up, you need to reset the iPad to its factory default status.Announcement: How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. If you get unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone, learn what to do. How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

My new iPhone 6 launches application by itself! Have also had it highlight text within the Note app that IT opened, not me! It is either possessed or someone is playing a cruel joke on me! Anyone else experiencing this issue?? Posted on Oct 24, PM. My wife and I both are having the same issues with both our phones! We have updated the iOS restarted, reset. Their is something seriously wrong with either the iOS or this hardware. I Put down a lot on notes in my contacts, I absolutely hate that you search for information but when you tap to type it jumps you all the way back to the top of your list.

This phone bogs down and locks up. May 7, PM. My iPhone is less then a week old and this issue had been brought up to me. However i had thought to myself, how come this problem had started now. I started to think about the changes that i had done to the phone before this issue occurred. I checked my case's screen protector and cleaned my screen, nothing was different. Then i had realized earlier in the day my friend had gave me his charging block since i had lost mine on a trip.

I took the charger out of my phone and it went back to normal. I don't have a good rationale as to why this issue occurs when i specifically put his charger into my phone, however i came to the conclusion that if you are facing this problem one of the issues might be the fact that you have an unsafe accessory plugged into the device. I hope that this is the issue because it can be easily resolved. This was my experience with this "glitch" and hope that my response helps anyone facing this issue as well.

May 8, PM. I have done all of these suggestions and none of them fixed the problem.

iPhone scrolling and typing by itself

The latest event, during the night last nightthe Mag Lite app turned on all by it self. No one touched it or turned it on everyone was asleep. My phone seems to be possessed at times, almost like someone else has taken control of it.

I certainly would like for Apple to address this issue for everyone and get this problem resolved for everyone. I purchased my phone in October brand new and It has not been damaged. I keep it in a case with a screen protector. As I understand it, I now need my phone diagnosed by Apple techs, sent in and "repaired". Apr 23, AM. Same problem here.If you are also facing iPhone typing on its own error like several other users, then you can try the tips mentioned in this post to solve the issue.

However, there are many types of errors that people have encountered while using their iPhone. One such issue is iPhone typing on its own. This issue is even more common on iPhone 6. People have reported that their iPhone 6 is pressing buttons on its own. Moreover, iPhone doing stuff on its own cause problems when users are typing something as it keeps pressing wrong keys.

Though this might be happening due to glitches while using different apps or hardware related issue — particularly touchscreen. If the issue with the touchscreen, you will have to replace it from the manufacturer, otherwise you can follow the below solutions to fix iPhone typing on its own issue.

Not only is it bigger than the previous models, but also slimmer than them. But the reports of iPhone typing on its own issue have escalated with the launch of iPhone 6. If you are encountering iPhone 6 doing stuff on its own issue, then you can try rebooting your iPhone to solve the issue.

Force restarting the device will clear all its memory and close all apps that may be facing any issues. Then release the button and let your iPhone start as usual.

You can try updating the iPhone to the latest version using iTunes to fix iPhone 6 typing on its own issue. You need to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer for update process to go smoothly.

A faulty setting or bugs in apps can also cause your iPhone 6 to show erratic behavior like iPhone typing on its own. You can try resetting the iPhone to factory settings. Though doing this will wipe clean your iPhone and you will lose all data on your iPhone. So, it is recommended that you backup all your data before doing a factory reset. Then tap on Erase iPhone on the menu and this will erase all data on your iPhone.

Moreover, if the iPhone is under warranty, you can ask them to replace your iPhone. As an iPhone user, you may usually use iTunes to manage your iPhone data, such as sync music, photos to iPhone.

However, you may have already found that it will erase some exited data on your device.The screen will sort of freak out and start pressing things on its own and if I try and press something either it doesn't work at all or it takes 6 taps for it to finally do what I wanted it to.

The strange thing is, it doesn't do this all the time, most of the time it acts completely fine, but then it will start doing that. I will try restarting it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and it was not doing this when I first got it. It usually does this anywhere from times a day. What's wrong with it? Thanks :. Most likely what has happened is your phone screen either has been depressed slightly or some water got in between the screen and the display and caused a "short" for lack of a better word.

The reason I say this is because an Iphone's touch screen works by using static electricity coming from your finger and pinpoints it on a grid system. So if the screen has been depressed inward slightly and is touching the display or some kind of material usually water got in between the screen and display and left remnants behind, then any time the phone is touching something that has a static charge, it can do this.

It can also happen if the outer shell of the phone is carrying a charge. Answer Save. I doubt anyone will be able to tell you exactly what's wrong with it. However your best option is to send in for a new one if it's still under warranty. Next best option is back up your files and then restore your phone. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Forum Rules.

Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Tweet this thread Share on Facebook Reddit! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Erratic screen behaviour - tablet does things without me touching the screen. Today after playing Backgammon for about 15 minutes all of a sudden the game began to 'select' a piece to move and move it without me touching the screen. If I did an UNDO to undo the move move it would repeat the same action once again without me touching the screen.

I tried to turn the tablet off but could not.

How to Fix If iPhone X Clicking On Its Own (iOS 13)

I then exited to the Home screen and an app on the home screen automatically started up as if I had tapped on the icon. I unattached the keyboard in an effort to stop this wild behaviour and shut the tablet down. I could not find a post for this condition doing a search of erratic screen behaviour. You may have a loose digitizer cable. Report back. Master Help Guide - Android tablets. Battery University-Extend Battery Life.

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I had episodes of erratic screen behaviour and I think it was because of the non asus charger unit i was using at the time. It charged my tablet ok but using it at the same time was a problem.

Programs would start and end on their own and I could not shut down either. Hope this helps. Thanks Swipe I went to settings, tapped Developer Options which displayed the warning that it might slow things down and recommend that I disable these settings I tapped OK which displayed lots of options ALL greyed out, including show touches, and unselectable.

So what did I do wrong?

iphone screen doing things on its own

After enabling you must do another enable. My TFT has developed an erratic screen problem where the shut down window will pop up without even touching the screen. Sometimes the tablet will reboot and other times I can touch outside the pop up and it will go back to normal.

It seems to happen less when docked on the keyboard. I have cold booted, backed up data and did a reset, and even installed the new Jelly Bean although that sounds like a mistake according to other forum topics. Nothing has worked. The problem has not happened again since the first time when I reported it above.

I am wondering, Swipe, if setting 'show touches' is relevant if the problem is not happening and that it is a debugging tool.

Should I set it on just in case?


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